• Putting Americans in the Path of Opportunity

    The world’s first multi-sided platform that will connect America’s federal, state, regional, county and local: economic incentives, business opportunity listings, news, events, demographic data and other resources. This is presented in an “exchange like” environment combined with social media applications and many other features. Register now to get membership notification; launching late fall 2019.

  • Features & Benefits

    We connect you to economic development opportunities, incentives, demographic data, business supply chains and a wide range of other resources and applications in your own community or one that your interested. Search and choose an area to find and interact with business opportunities, incentives, news, events, other members and research demographic data about the region.

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    Our team has carefully researched and developed the tools, resources and applications that enable success and provide you what you need and how to get started.

    A Social Media Platform That Connects Economic Development & Business Supply Chains in Local Communities

    “The USA Exchange is the first and only multi-sided platform specifically targeted to benefit Economic development organizations enabling them to market their incentives and programs to a global audience and showcase their community highlights, demographic data, videos, pdfs, photos, and other content that reaches the intended interested audience. We bring parity, efficiency, critical mass and competition to Americas communities to market themselves and the incentives that they offer. The USA Exchange is THE FIRST to consolidate and aggregate this multi-billion dollar industry.” Chairman and Founder

    Advanced Notification Features via Mobile Text and Email

    Find local business commerce news in your area, review and RSVP to events & business meetings, interact with other members about the state of business affairs in your community or areas that your interested in, find valuable local information and resources to help you succeed.

    Members Sign on Control Panel

    Connect your social media accounts, receive notifications via text or email, communicate and corroborate in real time via mobile or desktop, share documents and videos, invite other co-workers and administrators to your company page .

    Block Chain Technology Integration

    USAX has implemented a unique customized proprietary highly secure block chain technology platform. The USA Exchange has "tokenized" our member rewards and provides redeemable utility token incentives for user activity.

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    Launching this fall 2019

  • About The USA Exchange

    The USA Exchange (USAX) is a multi-sided business platform that connects economic development, B2B and B2C supply chain opportunities, incentives, services and commerce related resources, data and content. USAX presents this in an “exchange like” environment that incorporates block-chain technologies, advanced social software enterprise applications, media, mobile, corroborative sharing tools and other features. The USA Exchange platform is organized by geographical metropolitan statistical areas (MSA’s) implementing an easily navigable interface with extensive filtering menus and user member notification features. The USA Exchange enhances and enables America’s local communities to market themselves, their incentives and business listing opportunities to a global audience resulting in new businesses, job creation and the restoration of our industrial and manufacturing base in a more efficient manner with greater transparency and lower costs. The USAX concept & business model originated from an economic theory and white paper created in 2009 by the company’s founder. Over two and one half years of custom proprietary software development efforts integrating block chain , an advanced patented AI Neural Network and leading social corroborate applications. A beta limited invite-only focus group was successfully undertaken in 3rd quarter 2017. The USAX community platform is in finalization development stages and scheduled to launch fall 2019 in coordination with selected marketing partners and required financing.